The History of Punks & Apes

NFTs, a quite common term in the digital community, have got their “true value” under stakeholders that have actually made a change in the community with their presence. NFTs came across the front pages after a few expensive sales that actually shook the whole world. The cost and worth of digital art have changed ever since Beeple’s $69 Million NFT sales. However, there is another asset that was sold that day. A 24×24 pixel portrait of aliens wearing little hats was sold for 4200 ETH each, equaling a value of $7.5 Million. It was CryptoPunks who were the proud owners of these sold assets, creating an everlasting sensation. CryptoPunks is one of the earliest examples of NFTs on Ethereum that eventually inspired the wide-scale adoption of the ERC-721 standard that powers most of the digital art and collectibles we see today. 

CryptoPunks was created four years ago, in 2017, following the crypto boom, by the Larva Labs enthusiasts, John Watkinson and Matt Hall, the people behind the project. CryptoPunks had an effective aftermath of their introduction within the digital world, which became the “alpha and omega” of the NFT movement that followed the inception of digital art and its expansive utility in the digital ecosystem. This was how the 10,000 CryptoPunks NFTs made an everlasting impact in the digital market. 

Bored Ape Yacht Club – A Continued NFT Sensation

Another NFT collection that has done an impressive valuation in the NFT market is the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), a collection of 10,000 NFTs, costing as minimum as $200,000 each. The collection launched in April 2021 and quickly gained a lot of traction in the NFT community. Celebrities like Jimmy Fallon, DJ Khaled, Stephan Curry, and Post Malone, are the reason why such projects gain the reputation and attraction that they deserve in the market. BAYC, after acquiring the appropriate community traction through celebrities and significant personalities, continued its work with progressive meetups and get-togethers organized by the BAYC community. BAYC has successfully developed its stature as a status symbol, which has led it to become a genuine hype in the NFT industry. 

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